Season 1

Ep 01 (The Sole Story) Mr. Suresh Kumar Poddar

Mr. Suresh Kumar Poddar, Founder and Managing Director at Mayur Uniquoters was not just a man with potential but also with the strongest willpower. As tireless as he could be, he never missed a chance on creating a opportunity for him to grow. He never gave up and never does even today. His efforts made him reach from sole to soul.

Ep 02 (Road Runner) Mr. J C Chaudry

"80% log jo uchaiyon par pahuche hue hai, woh sab zyada padhe likhe nhi hai", states Mr. J C Chaudry, Managing Director of Aakash Educational Services Limited. He firmly believes in giving your all in all you do. Education is a just a step but it is not the whole of what defines success.

Ep 03 (Doesn’t matter where you start) Mr. Rajiv Arora

It is not the place you have started from, but it is YOU, it is what you regard yourself as, it is the values you have that make you reach what you manifest. A man with Jaipur's cultural heritage at heart, Mr. Rajiv Arora, Executive at Amrapali Jewelers started his business from Rs.400 and nothing planned, but was always clear with what he wanted for himself.

Ep 04 (The Last Man Standing) Mr. Aditya Jain and Mr. Dhruv Jain

Liberalism changed everything but humare ghar ki tikiya, aaj bhi Oswal! It was not an easy path for the home grown brand, Oswal to withstand an era full of competition. Mr. Aditya Jain and Mr. Dhruv Jain explain how when everything goes against you, you drag the good for yourself, doesn't matter how tough it is to get it, you cannot give up!

Ep 05 (From Layman to Everyman) Mr. Ajay Jain

Customer is god, we have heard this a lot of times, but a food chain that proved it with its work is LMB,Jaipur that started ordinary and went international. Mr. Ajay Jain, Owner, Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar has always heard to what their customers want and plan on never letting them down. Business is about satisfying the customer at priority and Mr. Jain is a man living it.


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