Take step is a 30-minute adventurous journey, in the life of the most successful people from India, whose journey and achievements, could be both an example, as well as, an inspiration for the youth of our nation. “Take Step” is a talk show, which would be hosted by, the renowned name of our industry, actor as well as producer “Annup Sonii”.Rather than being treated as a simple interview, this show would be treated more as an inspirational show, which would include 25 minutes of interview and 5 minutes of documentary, of the respective guest. For each episode, one of the most successful businessmen from India would be invited to the show, as our guest. This show will consist of 12 episodes and would be broadcasted over youtube and OTT platforms. At the end of the first season, awards would be given to all of our ,twelve respective guests and the award function would be conducted in Jaipur. The awards would be distributed by one of the self made man of the glamourous bollywood industry.The first season of our talk show “ Take Step” would be shot and broadcasted soon by the end of this year, i.e 2021.

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The one and only mission of our show is to motivate and inspire the nation, specially youth, by showing them the challenging and rigorous journey of our guests, on the path of success. We want the youth to learn from the mistakes and achievements of our guests and know, that which particular step could be a turning point in their lives. Through this show ,the youth will come to know that ,how our guests changed their whole lives , and how the youth is also capable of flipping their own world.


With the help of ” Take step” our team wishes to see a country full of enthusiastic , hard working , self- confident and independent young minds, who are not just restricted to the mentality of working under someone , but dare to take a step towards their own venture, dreams and success. We are working to give the youth wings , so that they can soar high, towards their dreams and aspirations.


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